Chapter Awards

At Convention, we award and recognize the outstanding achievements of our chapters in the past biennium. These awards focus on everything from academic excellence to gracious living. 

Award applications are now closed.

Chapter Awards 

Academic Excellence Award

Awarded to chapters that plan and implement sound scholarship programming, including support and recognition for all members, maintenance of scholastic standards at or above the all-sorority average on campus during the biennium, and exhibit a respect for intellectual development. 

Advisory Board Award

Awarded to the Advisory Board with the best overall performance, including meetings, contact with chapter officers, utilization of current resources, programming knowledge, and a harmonious relationship with chapter, House Director and House Board.

Chapter/Advisory Board Relations Award

Awarded to the chapter and Advisory Board that work together harmoniously in programming, mutual two-way communication, and with respect in order to achieve chapter goals.

Excellence in Chapter Management Award

Awarded to chapters with the most efficient and effective chapter management, capable officers, continuous chapter education, excellence in performance, and use of resources, current chapter documents, and good relations with Advisory Board and House Board. 

Finance Award

Awarded to the chapters with the best financial management, including the education of members, maintenance of financial standards, and timely submission of reports and fees. This award is presented to both a housed and an unhoused chapter.

Gracious Living Award

Awarded to a housed and an unhoused chapter that exemplify chapter graciousness, practice hospitality to one another, visitors to the chapter facility, and on campus, and whose members have best acquired the art of living and working together harmoniously. 

Greatest Improvement Award

Awarded to the chapter with the greatest all-around improvement during the biennium in all areas of programming.

Heritage Award

Awarded to the chapter that presents an annual archival display to the chapter and shows the greatest interest in searching for and maintaining the chapter and Fraternity historical records to increase chapter awareness of the significance of such history. 

House Board Award

Awarded to the House Board that promotes a harmonious relationship between House Board and the chapter as well as with the House Director and Advisory Board, provides timely and complete reports, and maintains financial stability and Fraternity awareness. This award will be presented to one housed chapter and one unhoused chapter.

Most Improved Academic Excellence Award

Awarded to the chapters that show the greatest improvement in GPA over the biennium. 

Most Outstanding Chapter Award

Awarded to the chapter with the best all-around performance, efficiency, and exemplification of Kappa's ideals, mission and standards.

New Member Program Award

Three awards, based on size of new member class, are awarded to the chapters that most successfully embody the spirit of the new member program, including active participation of chapter members, creative programming that engages new members, and in which the Fraternity ideals of leadership, scholarship and friendship are developed and valued. 

Panhellenic Award

Awarded to chapters that best exemplify true Panhellenic leadership, participate in and support Panhellenic-sponsored events, and display a cooperative and responsible attitude in working with the administration and other Greek-letter groups. 

Philanthropy Award

Awarded to chapters that best exemplify well-rounded philanthropy programs that develop member awareness of a commitment to the community as well as to the Fraternity and Foundation. There are three sub-categories: Philanthropy, Reading Is Fundamental, and Signature Event.

Public Relations Award

Awarded to the chapter that achieves an outstanding public relations program that addresses its constituents through various methods and includes an appreciation of alumnae, a yearly chapter news publication or social media communication that is informative and well written, submission of chapter material to the Fraternity, and positive contributions to the institution and community. The chapter embraces public relations tools, including social media and a chapter website, and adheres to the Social Media Guidelines.

Recruitment Award

Awarded to chapters that have submitted complete and timely reports, demonstrated excellence in membership selection, and have significantly improved in membership selection or efforts under difficult circumstances. 

Risk Management Award

Awarded to the chapters that have practiced sound risk management in accordance with Kappa's Risk Management Procedures and provided its members with educational programming about the importance of risk management. 

Ritual Award

This award is based on the education of members in understanding an appreciating ritual, the performance of ritual with dignity and true feeling, and the correct use of ritual during chapter meetings, Formal Pledging, and Initiation. 

Sally Moore Nitschke Lifelong Education Award

Awarded to the chapter that effectively develops, adapts, and implements programming that enhances individual competencies, promotes life skills, and best utilizes available resources.

Standards Award

Awarded to chapters with the best overall and comprehensive standards programming. Standards education is designed to guide and teach development of positive Kappa attitudes, individual responsibility and maintenance of Fraternity standards.