Administrative Rules


          I.  Meeting Platform (Or Venue). The General Convention business meeting shall be conducted electronically (or as a virtual meeting) using the Zoom Video Communications Inc. video webinar service (hereinafter referred to as “Zoom”) on June 27, 2020, at noon ET and shall be open to Convention voting members only. All other Kappa Kappa Gamma members and guests may attend via Whova, a private event application.

         II.         Virtual Meeting Connectivity.

                                 A.         To participate fully in the electronic virtual meeting, an internet-capable device with a microphone and speaker shall be required. Camera capability is optional.

                                 B.         Immediate access to email shall be required.

                                 C.         Each participant shall attend the meeting individually on a device that is not shared by multiple members.

                                 D.         Each participant shall be responsible for her own connection to the internet.

        III.        Voting Members. Voting members of General Convention are defined in the Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Bylaws and only voting members shall be admitted to the virtual meeting.



Section 3. Membership and Voting. The voting power of the members of the Fraternity shall be vested in the General Convention of the members. The privilege of making motions, debating and voting shall be limited to the voting members of the General Convention.

                                 A.         Voting Members. The General Convention shall be composed of the following voting members in good standing, entitled to one vote and voting in person.

1.      Fraternity Council [members]

2.      District Director[s]

3.      Content Directors

4.      Chairmen of standing committees

5.      Outgoing Leadership Consultants

6.      One delegate from each chapter in good standing.

7.      One delegate from each alumnae association in good standing desiring representation. The alumnae associations shall each be entitled to one vote except that the total value of their vote shall not exceed the number of chapter delegates registered. The value of each alumnae association vote shall be established and announced with each report of the Credentials Committee.


        IV.        General Convention Registration and Credentialing.

                                 A.         Registration and credentialing of voting members for the General Convention Virtual Business Meeting shall be required.

                                 B.         Instructions for admission to the electronic meeting shall be sent to all pre-registered, credentialed voting members.

                                 C.         Only pre-registered, credentialed voting members shall be admitted to the meeting. Voting members shall use their full name when entering the Zoom meeting for ease of verification of credentials.

         V.         General Administrative Rules and Convention Standing Rules.

                                 A.         Distribution of the Rules. The General Administrative Rules and the Convention Standing Rules shall be distributed to all voting members in advance of the meeting.

                                 B.         General Administrative Rules Defined. This set of rules shall establish the blueprint for the General Convention Virtual Business Meeting and the requirements to be met for the meeting to take place. The administrative rules shall be adopted by Fraternity Council.

                                 C.         Convention Standing Rules Defined. The Convention Standing Rules relate to the conduct of Convention business. They may relate to non-parliamentary rules and parliamentary rules, some of which may supersede the rules in the parliamentary authority. The rules adopted by Fraternity Council that apply to the Convention business meeting (see D below) shall not be amended by the voting members of Convention.

                                 D.         Administrative Rules Applicable to the Business Meeting.

                                                         1.         Voting members shall not be permitted to introduce an original main motion and/or resolutions.

                                                         2.         Voting members may submit amendments to the Convention Standing Rules provided they are submitted via email to no later than June 24 at 12 p.m. ET.

                                                         3.         The equivalent of nominations from the floor for officers and District Directors, outside of the slate, shall be submitted via email in advance of the meeting to the Nominating Committee Chairman ( no later than June 24 at 12 p.m. ET. The nomination shall include proof of consent of the nominee. Additional nominations shall not be permitted from the floor of the virtual meeting.

                                                         4.         The election of officers and District Directors shall be conducted utilizing Jotform, the electronic election platform.

        VI.        Meeting Management.

                                 A.         A host/meeting facilitator(s), who shall be a nonvoting participant, shall be responsible for initiating the meeting and shall subsequently be responsible for the technical management of the meeting. The facilitator shall have control of the technical functions used at the direction of the presiding officer and according to any special rules of order adopted (e.g., manually unmuting or muting a participant’s microphone and clearing raised hands).

                                 B.         A co-host/moderator, who shall be a nonvoting participant, shall be responsible for initiation of polls for voting and screen display of motion and other relevant documents.

                                 C.         A backup shall be designated for both the meeting facilitator and the meeting moderator in case of temporary or permanent connectivity loss of either.

                                 D.         The Executive Director, the parliamentarian, and the stenographer — each a nonvoting participant — shall be designated as panelists.

       VII.       Technical Interruption. In the event of a technical interruption of the meeting:

                                 A.         An email will be sent to all participants with a request to stand by for further instructions.

                                 B.         The host/meeting facilitator shall immediately attempt to reestablish the interrupted meeting or schedule a new meeting for the continuation of the original meeting. The new scheduled meeting shall allow 30 minutes for member login prior to the call to order to continue the business of Convention.

                                 C.         An email shall be sent to all registered members with the information required to log in to the meeting scheduled for continuation of Convention business.

                                 D.         A quorum shall be reestablished before the meeting continues.

                                 E.         If a continuation of the interrupted meeting cannot be scheduled within one hour, the meeting shall be scheduled for another day that shall be determined by Fraternity Council. An email shall be sent to all voting members with this information.

      VIII.      Meeting Protocol Practice. One practice session for voting members shall be scheduled for the purpose of verifying ability to connect with audio and to familiarize participants with:

                          ·        The process of logging in and/or leaving the meeting.

                          ·        Understanding and using the chat room.

                          ·        How to seek recognition to speak or to ask a question.

                          ·        How voting on motions is accomplished.

                          ·        Election procedures.

                          ·        Any other protocols or rules that may be established by the special rules of order.