Business of Convention

The purpose of Convention is to elect members of Fraternity Council and District Directors, consider reports, provide leadership training, and conduct the business of the Fraternity. While voting members have the privilege of making motions, debating and voting, General Convention is open to all members of the Fraternity. 

Members of Fraternity standing and special committees, Content Specialists, representatives from chapters, Advisory Boards and House Boards, and visitors are nonvoting members of the General Convention.


Election of District Director and Fraternity Council

As part of General Convention, voting delegates will elect District Directors and Fraternity Council officers for the 2020–22 Biennium. In May 2020, the Nominating Committee Chairman will announce the slate on behalf of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee Chairman will also present a report during a Convention business meeting. During the meeting, nominations from the floor may occur. At the close of this business meeting, the ballot will be finalized and provided to voting delegates as part of the election process. 

For more information about the nominating process, please visit


More information coming soon about submitting a resolution to the Resolutions Committee.