Convention 2020 Rules

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Convention 2018 Rules

  1. Registration: All members shall be registered before being admitted to the business meetings and educational sessions.
  2. Credentials
    • Upon registration, the Credentials and Registration Committees shall provide identification badges for delegates, alternates, nonvoting members and guests.
    • Identification badges shall be worn for admission to the Convention Hall, all meetings, meals, and educational sessions.
    • At the Opening Business Meeting after the opening ceremonies, the Credentials Committee shall report the number of delegates registered and entitled to vote. The committee shall also make supplementary reports as needed.
  3. Meetings: All meetings shall be open to all members of the Fraternity.
  4. Delegate Responsibilities
    • Each delegate and Advisory Board representative shall remain for the entire duration of General Convention and shall be present at all business meetings. In the case it becomes impossible for her to do so, an accredited alternate shall take her place (Fraternity Standing Rules, Rule V.). The delegate shall report to the registration desk to make this request.
    • Delegates shall report to their chapters and associations after Convention.
  5. Motions
    • The privilege of presenting motions shall be limited to those members entitled to vote as provided in the Fraternity Bylaws, Article V. Section 3. A.
    • Main motions or resolutions proposed by Fraternity Council or standing committees shall be presented directly to the Convention.
    • Original main motions or resolutions proposed by an individual member shall be in writing, signed by the maker and seconder — each of whom shall be voting members of the Convention — and shall be submitted directly to the Resolutions Committee.
    • All amendments shall be submitted in writing on the official motion form and forwarded to the chair by Pages immediately after being proposed. The signature of the maker and the seconder presenting the amendment and her Convention status must be included on the form.
    • Official motion forms may be obtained from the Kappa Koncierge desk or from the Pages.
  6. Resolutions Committee
    • The Resolutions Committee shall prepare suitable resolutions to carry into effect motions or resolutions referred to it and shall submit to the Convention — with the committee’s own recommendation as to the appropriate action — these and all other resolutions referred to the committee (except questions that the committee, by a three-fourths vote, may decide not to report).
    • The Convention, by a two-thirds vote, may overrule a committee decision not to report.
    • Each member who proposes a main motion or resolution shall be given an opportunity to explain it to the Resolutions Committee.
    • All motions or resolutions must be submitted to the Resolutions Committee no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, June 22, 2018.
  7. Debate
    • A voting member wishing to speak shall approach the microphone, address the chair, and when recognized by the chairman, give her name and Convention status.
    • Debates shall be limited to three minutes for each speaker. No member shall speak more than once on the same question until all have spoken who wish to do so.
    • Nonvoting members of the Convention may have the privilege of speaking at the discretion of the chair but have no power to make motions or to vote.
  8. Voting: Voting shall be as provided for in Fraternity Bylaws, Article V. Section 3.
    • Those entitled to vote includes Fraternity Council, District Directors, Content Directors, chairmen of standing committees, retiring Leadership Consultants, one delegate from each chapter in good standing, and one delegate from each alumnae association in good standing desiring representation.
      • The alumnae associations shall each be entitled to one vote except that the total value of their vote shall not exceed the number of chapter delegates registered. The value of each alumnae association vote shall be established and announced with each report of the Credentials Committee.
    • All voting shall be in person.
    • An individual shall cast only one vote.
    • Each delegate shall be free to vote on any questions presented at Convention according to her best judgment.
    • A majority of votes of those members present at a meeting and voting shall control in all cases, except where otherwise specifically provided.
  9. Nominations: After the report of the Nominating Committee, nominations from the floor may be made provided that consent of the nominees has been obtained.
  10. Communications: All messages within the Convention Hall shall be delivered by Pages.
  11. Cameras: Cameras are prohibited during the use of ritual.
  12. Electronic Equipment: Audio and visual recording equipment not sanctioned for official use is prohibited in all meetings and educational sessions. The use of cellphones and other devices during formal meetings and educational sessions is limited to official Fraternity business needs. All attendees are asked to keep devices on silent during all meetings and educational sessions.
  13. Food/drink: There shall be no food or drink in business meetings and educational sessions.
  14. The use of e-cigarettes, tobacco products in all forms, and marijuana is prohibited during meetings, educational sessions and meals.
  15. The use and consumption of illegal substances and marijuana is prohibited from arrival to departure of Convention. Kappa defines illegal substances as those that are illegal under local, state or federal law. Violations of this policy may result in immediate removal from the event and may result in disciplinary action.
  16. Minutes: The minutes of General Convention shall be approved by Fraternity Council at the Fraternity Council meeting following Convention.
  17. Parliamentary authority: The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Convention in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Fraternity Bylaws and Standing Rules.