Convention 2020 Rules

          I.          Technical Requirements. Each member shall be responsible for her audio and internet connection. No action shall be invalidated on the grounds that the loss of, or poor quality of, a member’s individual connection prevented participation in the meeting.

         II.         Forced Disconnection. After reasonable warning, the chair may direct the disconnection or muting of a member’s connection if it is causing undue interference with the meeting. The chair’s decision to do so, which is subject to an undebatable appeal that can be made by any member, shall be announced during the meeting and recorded in the minutes.

        III.        Meeting Communications. The chat box shall only be used for technical issues and issues that do not concern the business of the meeting. The chat box shall be monitored by the meeting moderator. Voting members with a question or inquiry related to the context of the business meeting shall use the raise hand function in Zoom and wait for recognition.

        IV.        Recording the Meeting. Recording/photographing of the meeting by any means shall be prohibited without prior approval of Fraternity Council.

         V.         Technical Interruption. In the event of a technical interruption of the meeting, members shall look to their email for further instructions on the continuation or rescheduling of the meeting.

        VI.        Special Rules of Order. As provided in the Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Bylaws, Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (11th edition) and the rules contained in the parliamentary authority apply to the conduct of the business meeting of General Convention. However, the nature of the virtual meeting requires adoption of a series of special rules of order. Special rules of order are those rules that supersede any rules in the parliamentary authority with which they may conflict.

                                 A.         Meeting Etiquette. Each member shall be responsible for maintaining the decorum of the meeting by keeping her microphone muted until recognized by the chair and by maintaining a quiet environment when her microphone is unmuted. Business casual attire is required.

                                 B.         Recognition and Assignment of the Floor.

                                                         1.         A voting member seeking recognition for any reason (e.g., to speak in debate, ask a question related to the meeting, or raise a point of order) shall use the raise hand function in Zoom and wait for recognition by the chair.

                                                         2.         The chair shall recognize the first name on the attendees list with a raised hand at which time the moderator shall unmute the attendee’s microphone.

                                                         3.         Upon recognition, the member shall state her name and voting member status (e.g., chapter delegate, Vice President, District Director, etc.).

                                                         4.         Preference in recognition shall not be based on the remaining attendees with hands raised. Once the member recognized begins to speak, the moderator shall lower all hands. Any member who wishes to be recognized after another member has been recognized and begun to speak shall use the raise hand function in Zoom again.


                                 C.         Main Motions, Resolutions and Amendments.

                                                         1.         The only main motions or resolutions that shall be in order are the three that organize the voting members present into a single voting body to transact business: adoption of the credentials report, the Convention Standing Rules, and the program.

                                                         2.         Voting members shall not be permitted to introduce main motions or resolutions.

                                                         3.         Voting members may introduce motions to amend the Convention Standing Rules provided the amendment(s) were submitted prior to the meeting. These may be further amended by a motion from the floor, if warranted.

                                 D.         Introducing Amendments to the Convention Standing Rules (If Any Submitted).

                                                         1.         Making and displaying the amendment

                                                                                 a.         When the chair has stated the Convention Standing Rules as pending, the chair shall recognize each member, one at a time, to introduce the amendment proposed by the member by directing the moderator to unmute the member’s microphone.

                                                                                 b.         The member, after proper identification, shall make the motion to amend the rules stating the full text of the amendment submitted.

                                                                                  c.          The motion shall then be displayed by the meeting moderator and the chair shall handle the amendment in the manner of any motion.

                                                         2.         Debate

                                                                                 a.         A voting member wishing to speak in debate shall first seek recognition as previously described.

                                                                                 b.         Debates shall be limited on each motion to two times for two minutes for each speaker. No member shall speak more than once on the same question until all have spoken who wish to do so.

                                                                                  c.          The chair may direct that debate to a pending motion alternate between those in favor and those opposed.

                                                         3.         Methods of voting

                                                                                 a.         Voting on motions shall be achieved by adapting the Zoom polling capability as required. Voting by this method shall be deemed to be the equivalent of a division of the assembly, or, where appropriate, a ballot vote.

                                                                                 b.         All votes (polls) shall be anonymous.

                                                                                  c.          The chair may use unanimous consent where a vote is considered routine or non-controversial.

                                                                                 d.         A roll call vote may be ordered by the Convention with a two-thirds vote.

                                                         4.         Announcing the result

                                                                                 a.         The poll result shall be displayed for the members.

                                                                                 b.         The chair shall announce the number of members voting on each side and declare the result of the vote (adopted or lost).

                                                                                  c.          The chair shall state the effect of the vote or, where appropriate or required, order its execution.

       VII.       Nominations and Elections.

                                 A.         Report of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall report the slate of nominees for officers and District Directors. After the chair repeats the nominees, the Nominating Committee Chairman shall report the nominations that were received — simulation of nominations from the floor — as required prior to the meeting and deemed eligible and with consent given.

                                 B.         Slate Uncontested. If there are no additional nominations, one vote shall be taken to elect the slate as presented by the Nominating Committee.

                                 C.         Balloting. The ballot shall be created on Jotform. A password shall be shared via email after registration that permits access to the ballot during the meeting. Voting members shall be directed to the ballot via a link shared through Zoom. The ballot shall be accessed through the member’s web browser.

                                 D.         Repeat Balloting. When there are two or more nominees and one candidate does not obtain the required majority vote, balloting shall be repeated until a majority is obtained.

                                 E.         Election Results. The Election Chairman shall announce the results of the vote and report the number of votes cast and the number of votes that each nominee received. The chair shall repeat the vote totals and declare the winners.